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directed & produced by Linda Notelovitz

The story of the reinvention of an existing brand by developing the brand character into a real person, living on a real street and making real contributions to her community. Gently told through the property of her inner shine, observed with character and humour by director Linda Notelovitz. 

CLIENT: Bliss Brands
ECD: Arkadio Winetzki
TV Producer: Loli Bishop

Director/Producer: Linda Notelovitz

Directors Assistant: Giovanna Winetzki
Head of Production: Rob Scholtz
DOP: Alard de Smidt
1st AC: Thobelani Faku
Post Producer: Lisa Haw, Tessa Ford Post
Editor: Nic Goodwin, Tessa Ford Post
Colourist: Nic Apostoli
Online Artist: Simone de Ruyck, Tessa Ford Post
Music & Final Mix: Adam Howard, Howard Audio

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