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directed by GXThis

Lifedesign’s Giovanna Winetzki brings quirk to our screens in her directorial debut. In collaboration with THIS duo Gareth Paul and David Schild. This piece is the second TVC to release in a campaign for Everlytic, poking at the very human irritation and void of privacy that telephonic sales calls inhabit in our lives.

Directors: Giovanna Winetzki | Gareth Paul | David Schild

Producer: Linda Notelovitz

DOP: Miles Goodall

1st AD: Vinca Cox

Art Direction: Keenan McAdam

Wardrobe: Hannah Smith

HMU: Gerlia Groenewald

Editor: Xander van der, Strange Love Studios

Colourist: Michele Wilson, Ludus Post Production

Online: Simone de Ruyck

Sound Design + Mix: Jo Darling, Sterling Sound Studio

AGENCY: Brand Halo

MD: Dean Oelschig

Creative Director: Coenie Grebe

Agency Producer: Shanon Leicher

Copywriter: Klara Sebright  

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