Global by name.
Global by nature.



Our ability to be agile and to create organic processes in a fluid & ever-changing industry is vital to our approach on every project.


We're a tribe of integrated creative contributors that come together in the form that is most desirable to the output of each specific project – no matter the size or scope of work. We take on different shapes, depending on your requirements.


We've always believed in maximizing all parts of our process – from concept through to content. We aim to expand any campaign to work hard across all platforms, for more reach.

Wholeness Champions

Above all else we care about creating purpose through process. We work opening and intimately with all of our clients and teams to create outcomes that reflect this.


We understand the importance of connecting to people on every level, everywhere. We humanize brands, making them more visible and more loveable.

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Linda Notelovitz



Having worked in over 20 countries creating beautiful and moving content for top brands globally, first as a creative producer and now as a director, Linda’s filmmaking style seeks to hold the audience in a space of emotional involvement and connection.


She touches that which is universal in our humanity, and enables messaging and communication of brand experiences through her interpretation.

Giovanna Winetzki



From growing up in ad agencies to her training at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London) Giovanna has always sought to express the imagination that resides within her.

Creativity through an abundance of disciplines is where this official LifeDesign millennial finds her calling – whether it be conceptualising, directing, designing, writing or editing.


She found an extraordinary mentor in Linda, who often says that her best quality is her unwavering standards.

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