LifeDesign is a tribe of integrated creative contributors that come together in the form that is most desirable to the output of each specific project. We offer experienced creative production & directing expertise, and are able to take on different shapes, depending on the client’s requirements. Coupled with this, we curate all forms of talent - both emerging and more experienced.


From concept writing, to video, online, branded & commercial content. From creative pitches through to full service film production, including agency producer expertise. We humanize brands, making them more visible and more lovable.



meet Linda Notelovitz

Director / Producer and founder of LifeDesign, Linda Notelovitz has 25 years of experience creating film content & communication.


For years she has been instrumental in creating beautiful visual communication for top South African and international directors, which has led to an evolution of her own visual style and approach. As an aesthete, her love of engaging and meaningful communication has manifested itself in her work. Drawing a natural sense of ‘feeling’ not only from performers, but from any audience as well. 


Linda describes her filmmaking style as “cinematic authenticity”, allowing the story itself to take the lead when it comes to designing the look & mood of a piece. 


Having previously established, built and run 3 production companies in South Africa, Linda’s agility & ability to operate internationally has led her work in over 20 countries globally, with a current base out of both Johannesburg and London. Having worked as a creative producer for all these years, her seamless move into Directing was a natural progression.

 meet G.

Creativity is one thing but the ability to express that creativity through all disciplines is a rare talent. Giovanna Winetzki is the official LifeDesign millennial, able to conceptualise, shoot, design, write, edit & implement any creative project or brief. Her training at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London) is what initially opened her ability to express all the creativity that resides within her. She found an extraordinary mentor in Linda, who often says that one of her best qualities is her unwavering standards.

creating conversations through content

 If you'd like to find out more, for Sales & Creative enquiries or to simply introduce yourself contact Linda or Giovanna.



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Cameo Line Drawing by artist Jai Vasicek   |   LifeDesign Typography by Sarah Staunton, Penheartspaper