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directed by Linda Notelovitz

“We are all creatures of the stars…"

A personal project

"I was invited to create a film. I had no real plan for the design of the film, there was no prep nor did I meet the subject prior to the day of shooting.I went in with an open mind and a desire for discovery. Meeting Cynthia, I tuned into her soul song, the dance and rhythm of her energy.The place where the tension of the human life is removed and we create connection with the essence of who we are. How there existed no border to her heart, how she was able to be both human and elemental simultaneously. The feeling of this became the visual language of my film. An authentic raw sharing of space and time."
~ Linda 

Director/Producer: Linda Notelovitz
DOP: Miles Goodall
2nd Camera: Giovanna Winetzki
Stylist: David Hutt
Stills Photographer: Zwele Buthalezi
HMU: Lindsey Swart
Editor + Picture Post Finish: Peter Mostert, Hooligan NYC
Colourist: Nic Apostoli, Comfort & Fame Studios
Sound Mix: Casey Chester, Listen Jane NYC

With original music by Curawaka

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