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LifeDesign: Cutting through the infobesity

LifeDesign is a beam of home. Yes folks, somewhere in our world of infobesity, where messaging is coming at us constantly – from ticker-tape snippets of news running under the actual news on TV, to advertisement interrupting the “social” on social media – there is a space reserved for those who listen and watch to understand.

Linda Notelovitz, founder and CEO of LifeDesign, is a communicator who speaks to that space

“In a world of citizen journalists and online creatives, the sheer amount of messaging people have to deal with is overwhelming. What sets communicators apart today is not so much the speed with which they can get a message across, but the way they can tap in to the kernel of a brand and bring out the humanness of it.

This is what makes like-minded people relate to content, whether it’s film, printed or digital. It’s what creates memorable messaging that rises above the infobesity.” Humanising brands is part of the LifeDesign psyche, says Notelovitz. “To ensure, in just a minute or so, that people hear what we call the ‘message behind the message’ is an art. Captivating an audience amid the burgeoning imagery and data available to consumers requires creating messaging that strikes a chord, rather than shouting over the noise.”

For over 25 years, Notelovitz has brought a deeper understanding of both audiences and agencies to the work she does. “Knowing the industry as well as I do and listening to understand audiences allows me to sense the space that captivates,” she says.

This knowledge has served Notelovitz and her team well, across a number of industries, countries and brands. “Essentially, the brand messaging must touch something in human beings in order to compete with everything else they’re seeing and hearing daily. I believe that when communications make others feel heard, we’re doing our job.”

Insight that gives life to brands

Simon Joseph, former Commercial Marketing & Sales Director at Heinz, says: “Linda navigates a good balance between the task at hand and creativity. She has great ability to hear the client’s brief and connect emotionally with the work. LifeDesign understands brands and the brand voice, and the importance of giving brands a purpose. Her uncanny ability to take an insight and translate it into a creative expression brings brands to life.”

Having filmed in more than 20 countries around the globe, LifeDesign is able to create content, from commercials to branded content and travel films; including online and digital; anywhere. “I curate talent where necessary, in a way that ensures everyone working on a specific project has not only the client’s turnaround time and budget in mind, but also their need for a production that is valuable and stimulates action.”

As a creator, producer and director able to source talent globally to meet the needs of any project, Notelovitz offers the single-source solution busy marketers and agency professionals seek. “We enter into a strategic partnership with our clients,” she notes, adding that she chooses her team members only after she has met with a client, to ensure the kind of chemistry phenomenal films and ads create.

Craftsmen in the creative communication process with vast experience in 2D and 3D communication, LifeDesign is about cutting through the infobesity and finding the hard-to-reach places where people still go to listen.

“Team members that don’t all have the same enthusiasm for a specific client or product also don’t speak to the audience in a way that films and ads should,” says Notelovitz. “As a strategic partner, we view the client’s success as a shared success.”


Original Article Published in Running Wolfs Rant, 2018:


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