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directed by Linda Notelovitz

The Solmax Health and Safety Anthem was an idea and execution that we created as  part of an internal campaign for a global manufacturing brand. 

The campaign was designed in response to our brief to raise attention to the new attitudes and safety protocols. We wanted the work force to ‘look up’ from what they were doing. To not only find connection in the messaging, but remember it. Put down as lyrics in a song that they would hum and sing around the manufacturing plant, office and on site seemed a positive way to do this. 

Working with children as a visual metaphor too added a sense of emotional connection and identified the attitude of being one global Solmax family. 

We translated the rap section of the song into 5 additional languages in order to speak to and connect with each workforce in their own language.

Producer/Director: Linda Notelovitz
Creative Director: Giovanna Winetzki
DOP: Miles Goodall
Singing Producer: Malie Kelly 
Editor: Peter Mostert, Hooligan NYC
Colourist: Michele Wilson, Ludus Post Production JHB
Online Artist: Simone de Ruyck
Music Composition & Final Mix: Monde Mkhizwane, Wonga Music

German H&S Film

Arabic H&S Film

Mandarin H&S film

French H&S film

Thai H&S film

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